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Micro Nutrition
The Cutting Edge and the Key to the Arkworld Products


Micro Nutrition is without doubt the key to good health and the underlying reason why Arkworld products are so good. It is all about absorption at a cellular level through the villi in your lower intestines and detoxification to cleanse the body and correct the pH level to give you a balanced system, optimum health and well being. It is all about cellular healing and repair or to put it another way – Cell Biology!

No other company in the health industry has this exclusive way of delivering nutrition into the body at a cellular level and remains the reason why Arkworld products are so effective and in a class all by themselves! Before we look at Micro Nutrition, let’s take a look at a few astounding health statistics and the reason why this is so important for good health and a better quality of life.

Health statistics today


Nutrition really only affects disease at a cellular level and a lack of good nutrition can lead to one of the 3 biggest killers in the world today, Heart disease, Strokes and Cancer. Over 70% of deaths in the world today are because of these 3 major killers and it has been well reported that over 50% of these deaths are because of poor nutrition or to put it another way, diet related. As well as Heart Disease, Strokes and Cancer, again, it has been well documented that poor nutrition at a cellular level can lead to other serious health problems such as, Osteoporosis, Anaemia, Gallbladder diseases, Gum and Tooth Disease, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

In fact, over 70% of Doctors visits are related to nutrition.

However, many major health problems start with the kind of problems many people suffer with everyday, such as, Headaches, Sleep disorders, Mood problems, Nerves, Depression, Anxiety, Digestive problems, Allergies, Asthma, Skin problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis and so on. These many problems are warning signs that the cells of the body are becoming depleted of nutrition and sick.

Essential Nutrients to Life...

Nutrition is the elements in food that promote good health. There are over 40 essential nutrients to life that the body needs everyday for optimum health including;

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 9 Minerals
  • 9 Amino acids
  • 7 Trace elements
  • 2 Fatty acids (Important ones)
  • 2 Fibre groups
  • Water and Air

There are also 15 to 20 other amino acids and minerals etc useful to health, but not necessarily essential to health.

Micro Nutrition (The Cutting Edge)

Micro nutrition is made up of 2 main ingredients:

1) The elements that make up nutrition (Vitamins, Minerals etc)

2) Nutritional Botanical factors (There are over 100 of these factors).

It has been shown throughout the world that there are many health benefits from natural botanical factors, such as herbs etc. There have been many claims throughout the world as well, towards certain root plants for example and their benefits towards cancer. Certainly, as botanical factors are natural with little or no side effects unlike drugs, they are becoming a more popular choice.

Society Today


It is certainly true today, more than ever, that through fast food and poor eating habits, poor health is on the increase. This coupled with people taking little exercise or none at all. Often, as children, we eat a certain diet that usually stays with us as we develop into adults. Also as children growing up we get a lot of exercise on a daily basis. However, as we mature, we usually eat the same if not more, but exercise a lot less and therefore gain weight in the process. This leads to dieting constantly, increasing less input, which in turn changes your metabolic rate.

Therefore Diet is our Problem!!

Other factors also play a major part in the way we feel today such as, Fast food, (Dead Food) which apart from a small amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats, have virtually no nutritional value at all. Alcohol and Tobacco obviously can cause an array of health problems. There is also more toxity in foods than ever before, like Insecticides and Pesticides, etc. The end result is; we are eating more food but getting less Nutrition or Micro Nutrition at a cellular level.


What we are really talking about is... Cell Biology! Or a genetic break-through at a cellular level.

Health and disease is a cellular phenomenon.

Healthy cells and you feel healthy!
Sick cells and you feel sick!

Micro Nutrition works at a cellular level and one of the first signs of a decrease of Micro Nutrition in our diet is a lack of energy. It has been reported that, the number one health complaint in the world today is a decrease in energy. In fact what happens is cells become starved at a cellular level, which can lead to health problems and eventually one of the 3 biggest killers, Heart Disease, Strokes and Cancer. Just like a car breaking down part by part.

Symptom not Cause (Medicine Today)

Medicine often looks at the symptoms and not the root of the problem or the cause. Very often they can also cause side effects which add to the problem.


For example.... if you get a Headache, you take a tablet and treat the symptom which is the pain, but that’s not the cause of it in the first place, so you are really treating nothing other than the pain which is the body’s way of telling you that you have a problem. You’re not treating the problem at a cellular level. So symptoms can mount up. If you suffer with Diabetes you get something for it; if you suffer with High Blood Pressure you get something for that; Heart disease and you have to take something for that too and so on. It gets worse and worse!

It’s not that medicine doesn’t have its place or doesn’t help because it does, but it usually treats the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the problem.

The Cellular Answer


The cellular answer to this is to treat the Micro Nutritional deficiencies with biology through the elements that make up nutrition and botanical factors whilst increasing absorption in the lower intestines to feed the cells of the body.

It’s all about cellular healing and repair, which helps your system to be re-energised and re-vitalised. This leads to a system reversal and a healing of the underlying process, disease healing, or at the very least an improvement at a cellular level.

Radical difference in Approaches.
One way treats the cause, the other treats the symptom.

“Clearly too much anxiety is not a deficiency in valium, yet people take it for anxiety”

Arkworld Products – The Cutting Edge

As a company we don’t really have to claim anything about our products, we just let the results speak for themselves. Over the years through our family of distributors we have been able to help tens of thousands of people improve their health and quality of life through taking the Arkworld products. The Arkworld product range has increased and also moved into the field of weight control with the incredible and pioneering ShipShape weight control product line (ARK 4 - Super Ark Food and ARK 5 - Inferno ).

Throughout it all, from the beginning to present day, one thing always remains; through Arkworld’s Exclusive Micro Nutritional Delivery System the products are simply the most effective health, nutritional and weight control products on the market today and light years ahead of the competition.

Our Micro Nutritional Delivery System applies to all of the Arkworld products and remains the real key to their success, as well as using the finest natural ingredients that money can buy, alongside scientific discoveries and inventions that are paving the way in new age innovative formulating.

It’s all about absorption and cellular healing and that applies to all our products.


All Arkworld products are pharmaceutically graded and developed in arguably the finest and most scientifically advanced laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the world FDA approved and regulated!

The products are low glycemic and completely natural with no artificial dyes or colours. Micro Nutirtion is exclusive only to Arkworld and all of our products carry patented scientific discoveries and inventions that are the envy of the industry.

All carried out with a cGMP (Current Good Manuafcturing Practises) stamp of approval under the guidance of the Arkworld Scientific Advisory Board.

Absorption – The Key!


In closing, what Micro Nutrition does, is to deliver nutrition at a cellular level through the villi in the lower intestines. Very often, through poor eating habits, smoking, drinking and so on, the villi in the intestines become impaired and less effective. Villi are like billions of microscopic hairs that line the intestines and absorb nutrition. If they become impaired and less efficient, then absorption problems set in and poor health can follow. Micro nutrition helps this process and therefore can help the absorption of the body to enable you to feed the cells.

The difference can be amazing!

One direction is obvious: With Micro Nutrition, arguably the best products of their kind, being at the cutting edge of an industry set to explode over the next 10 to 20 years and Arkworld at the forefront of this, with the best business opportunity and market plan, the timing is perfect and the opportunity unlimited to everyone who comes on board the Ark.

Seize the moment and see for yourself!