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Our Mission is Nutrition... Body, Mind & Spirit

Arkworld's Arkology - Our Philosophy

Arkworld's Arkology and the philosophy behind it are simply unique to the industry! Started by one man Mark Landon with a burning passion and desire to help people, due to a tragedy in his life, he dedicated himself to producing the best products and best business opportunity found anywhere in the world.

The Mission is Nutrition! ... Nobody does it better!

Born out of love Arkworld’s mission is nutrition, for the body, the mind and spirit. Arkworlds founding philosophy speaks for itself...

“To take better health and prosperity around the world, whilst changing the face of the industry.”

Arkworld’s Credibility and Endorsements

The philosophy of Arkworld to help people improve their health coupled with the advancements we have made in science, with new patented discoveries (along with the nature of the products we market) to produce arguably the most innovative health products in the industry, certainly attracts a different kind of distributor than your normal Multi Level Marketing Company. In fact Arkworld has a more conventional kind of business side to it as well as the MLM structure.


This has attracted top professionals that use and promote the products like Top Harley Street Doctors, Olympic Athletes, Premiership Football Teams, The Lawns Tennis Association, Gyms, Clinics, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Sports People, Bodybuilders and so on...

There have also been a vast amount of independent case studies conducted like those at Exeter University in the UK, or those undertaken at Toledo University in Ohio, USA to name a few.

These independent case studies show products like Arkworld’s The Pink Drink improves severe-intensity exercise endurance by 20%, significantly reduces systolic blood pressure, reduces the oxygen cost of exercise and outperforms any other arginine product on the market today.

This added to the vast amount of endorsements and certified approvals from some of the top governing bodies in the health and sports industry including the FDA, WADA, HFL, Informed Choice, Informed Sport to name a few, which means that Arkworld’s credibility remains the best in the business!

All this credibility, along with the Arkworld’s unique philosophy, adds to the incredible package of having, arguably, the best products and best business opportunity in the world.



Arkworld’s name came from the fact that the marketing plan was built around the number 2. After 50 years of Multi-Level Marketing a poll was conducted in the industry to find out how many distributors an average person recruits when starting a new business. The answer came out at 2.2 people. Therefore, President & Founder Mark Landon decided to design a marketing plan that started to pay out Royalty Cheques to distributors who had sponsored just 2 distributors. This gives an average person with limited experience the chance to get a good start and to be able to earn money quickly.

They can then build the confidence and go on to learn the skills to be able to build a bigger business and to become a leader. A good start is very important and gives you a better testimonial that creates more excitement for other people to get behind and follow.

2 by 2 they join your Ark as you build your distributorship and learn the leadership skills required to build a successful Arkworld organisation and a brighter and more profitable future for you and your family.

Therefore a new industry is born, as Multi Level Marketing now becomes... Multi Level Arketing!

This (m)Arketing plan philosophy that led to the Arkworld name and design of the payment compensation plan has all been built around the number 2 and the original Noah’s Ark story that we all know so well. The Arkworld logo is designed around the dove from the Ark story. All Distributors come on board 2 by 2 when they join your Ark. To start earning royalty commissions, all you need to have is 2 Distributors and 2 Customers and all bonuses and awards are paid in similar ways.

There are 7 positions in the company, 1 for every colour of the Rainbow which again is connected to the Ark story and the Marketing Plan or should we say, Arketing Plan, is called a 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark where everyone builds their Arks as they build their business.


“In simple terms: All you gotta do is get 2!

Yes, the whole Arkology of Arkworld is simply ‘A Work of Ark’


Arkworld even has its own economy and exchange rate called Arkonomy which is different from the one that the rest of the world uses that constantly fluctuates depending on the strength of the market.

Arkworlds Arkonomy and exchange rate will always be strong no matter what the world does. All Arkworld cheques are calculated from US Dollars at a constant healthy exchange rate that always favours the distributor and gives them financial peace of mind without having to worry about the financial economy of the world. Arktastic!

A Company That Cares


Arkworld, throughout its voyage around the world, launching the Ark, country by country and language by language is dedicated to helping people to improve their lives with better health and prosperity. However, as Arkworld progresses and continues to expand Mark Landon’s passion to help people also extends to an exclusive Arkworld charity called ‘The New Ark Family Foundation’

This independent Arkworld charity is designed to help people who are homeless, in a desperate situation and less fortunate than ourselves, children in need as well as homeless and abused animals to enjoy a better quality of life. The New Ark Family Foundation is to be totally controlled by Arkworld and every penny or cent raised will go towards helping the cause, rather than the extreme amount of administrative costs that you can often get with many charities.

This kind of caring as well as the kind of products and marketing plan that Arkworld has designed really illustrate what the company represents and the heart that is behind it. It really is unlike any other company in the industry and for all those concerned a complete joy to be a part of.

Arkworlds Arkology and Philosophy are totally unique and here to stay. Many companies will come and go but Arkworld remains and continues to lead the way! With Honesty, Integrity and a cause not just a company, the love of Arkworld throughout its products and opportunity touches the lives of many across all the waters of world.

Arkworld has become more like a movement, or crusade, rather than a company and continues to grow stronger and stronger, whilst overcoming obstacles, breaking through scientific barriers, pioneering new patented discoveries, creating new success stories and relationships and basically doing things that many people said couldn’t be done. Now as Arkworld leads the way in the industry, the competition just scratch their heads and wonder how in the world all this is possible.

Therefore, if you are not a part of Arkworld already, then don’t delay, join the best company in the world today and see for yourself!

We welcome you on board the Ark and welcome you to our world!

Remember: Professionals built the Titanic... Amateurs built the Ark!