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ADNO (Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide)
The Science behind... Ark 1 - The Pink Drink

Pink Power with the Pink Drink!
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The only pre-digested nutritional arginine product in the world that through an exclusive delivery system, called ‘Stomach Dumping’, converts to Nitric Oxide and enters the vascular system to be used by the body within 20 minutes!

10 years ahead of the competition - No other product comes close! You won’t believe the results!

Let’s take a look at the science behind the famous Pink Drink and the discovery that inspired one of the greatest nutritional and scientific products ever to be developed

Today’s health statistics speak for themselves!

Over 14 million Americans and the equivalent in the UK and in Europe suffer from coronary artery diseases, with another 60 million at risk. That is 1 in 4 adults.

Cardiovascular disease is the No 1 killer and kills more people than the next 9 diseases put together. Along with these astounding facts, over 30 million Americans alone suffer from erectile dysfunction and other sexual difficulties. Millions more are affected by other vascular conditions such as peripheral artery disease, strokes, hypertension and diabetes. On top of that there is also a substantial increase in cancer in the world today. In fact cancer was recently reported to have overtaken Heart disease as the No 1 killer in the UK. Certainly Cancer is the disease with the No 1 fear factor.

"Grim statistics, but unfortunately true!"

The Discovery


On October 12th 1998, a team of scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discoveries about a gas molecule called Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide (labelled as the miracle molecule) is a powerful vasodilator, which simply means, it helps to keep your arteries open and helps maintain their smooth, Teflon like texture so blood can flow normally.

Your body uses Arginine an Amino Acid we absorb from food, (often referred to as L-arginine which is the natural L or Levo – rotatory form) to produce Nitric Oxide.

The problem however, is that people with or at risk from Heart Disease, that ability may be impaired. So the answer could be to eat more Arginine rich foods, however, the problem with that is, most Arginine rich foods tend to be fat and cholesterol rich too, like red meats and shell fish etc. You can also get Arginine in capsules but the problem is, do you want to take 12 capsules a day?

On top of that, as explained in the scientific article Micro Nutrition – The Cutting Edge, it is also about cellular healing and absorption at a cellular level. Therefore, it is the cells of the body that have to be repaired, as most disease takes place at a cellular level.

Now, no one can ever guarantee what results any person may have from taking Arginine, but what we can say is, there is a vast and growing body of scientific research on Arginine and vascular health as well as all the positive trials and testimonials from people using arginine over the years. Arkworld has led the way in this field for the last decade with the infamous arginine and nutritional product called Ark 1 – The Pink Drink. With tens of thousands of people receiving the most incredible product results from using this product, it’s fair to say that the real proof is in the eating.

It has been quite remarkable!

Scientific Research


According to Robert Freed and Woodson Marrow authors of the Arginine solution:

"Since 1990 almost 10,000 articles relating to the physiological benefits of Arginine have been published in pier reviewed medical journals, including the American journal of hypertension, the Journal of the American medical association, the Journal of immunology, the New England journal of medicine, the Lancet , cardiology and circulation"

The Arginine Solution also records an extensive body of research in ADNO or Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide in other words Nitric Oxide that’s produced in the body from Arginine. According to that research ADNO relaxes arteries and helps maintain normal blood pressure and circulation. It helps open the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart preventing angina pain. It is also a powerful anti – coagulant or blood thinner and helps prevent blood platelets from clumping together into the clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes

Arginine enhances blood flow to the pelvic area in both men and women, specifically helping to counteract erectile dysfunction.

The research also shows that ADNO is a potent free radical scavenger that helps to lower serum cholesterol and is used by the immune system to kill foreign bacteria and viruses. Arginine functions as a messenger molecule, helping nerve cells in the body and brain to communicate with each other and it enhances blood flow to the brain and is used by the brain to encode long term memory.

According to the research ADNO helps to control the lung airways and it may help pancreatic secretion of insulin, therefore reducing the risk of diabetes. It is used by the immune system to kill marauding bacteria and cancer cells. Arginine is an important anti-oxidant, guarding LDL cholesterol from free radical damage that transforms it from a benign blood fat to an aggressive artery blocker.

Villi in your lower intestines

Nitric Oxide even stimulates the body to release the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) a key to longevity, promoting lean muscle mass and bone density whilst decreasing fat tissue.

Of course taking Arginine alongside a well balanced diet can go along way to help preventing any of these problems in the first place. As the body requires over 40 essential nutrients every day for optimum health, then obviously diet is the key.

Also it is a question of repair and treating the abnormalities of the body through your villi in your lower intestines, (as referred to in the scientific article Micro Nutrition – The Cutting Edge) therefore feeding the cells of your body.

Arginine combined with Micro Nutrition, can therefore assist in the bodies natural healing process at a cellular level.

Sick cells and you feel sick!
Healthy cells and you feel healthy!

Obviously good health leads to a better quality of life and therefore a stronger sense of well being and after all, a better quality of life is what we all strive for.

ADNO found in Ark 1 – The Pink Drink combined with the Delivery Agent Ark 2 – Micro (cellular healing & Repair) produces a Micro Nutritional package second to none available in Arkworld’s exclusive Micro 2 Pack! The results will speak for themselves!