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Effective Retailing

‘A sale is a sale, but a Customer is a long term asset’

Successful retailers do not simply aim for the greatest number of one time sales, hoping that sales volume alone will generate growth. What they do is cultivate and nurture relationships with their Customers, leading to repeat sales and hopefully a lifetime of loyal buying habits. This holds true whether the product is cars, computers, groceries, insurance or nutritional and dietary supplement products.

Obviously, cultivating and nurturing these relationships with your customers is made much easier when you consider that Arkworld products are the best in the world and work every time you take them. The products and the results that one receives very much sell themselves; they are so good! However, it’s the relationships you have with your customers and the care behind it that is so important!

“If you made a sale you can make a living. If you made an investment of time and good service in a Customer, you can make a fortune” - Jim Rohn


Don’t think of it as selling, think of it as sharing the products you believe in with people who need then and want them.

Building a healthy business is much easier, more profitable and secure when you develop a loyal base of regular repeat-purchase retail Customers.

That’s why Arkworld has developed the Customer Care Support Program.

Customer Care Support Program

It is always easier and more cost-effective to sell more products to existing Customers than it is to go looking for new ones. This doesn’t mean you would stop getting new Customers, you will always need those; just don’t ignore the Customers you already have!


Calculate the lifetime value to you of just one Customer buying all the Arkworld products. Customers who have good results will continue to purchase nutritional products for life, especially when they are the best life changing health products in the world. Monitor your Customers closely, as peoples’ needs change over time and as Arkworld introduces new products into the market place, upgrade your Customers with these new products. Reward good Customers with gifts, prizes and recognition for their continued support in using the Arkworld products.

Your primary focus is not on making a quick sale, but on providing consistent service, adding value, building a long term mutually satisfying relationship.

Let your customers know they can trust and believe in you!


Gaining credibility for the products is easy, with all the results and success stories of other Customers and Distributors to back you up. Your role is to show a genuine interest in the needs of your Customers.

Let them know you’re more interested in helping them get results, than in the money you’re making from the sale!

Some of your satisfied Customers will end up joining your team as Distributors. Your job is to nurture them both as Customers and Distributors and to retain them as both product users and business associates for life..!!

“Ultimately, your success will depend upon how many of these relationships with your Customers and business associates with your Distributors you are able to make and sustain”

Retail is the key to your business and the foundation to your organisation

● 10 Distributors in your organisation using the products and you touch 10 lives.

● 10 Distributors in your organisation with 10 Customers each, you touch 100 lives.


As most people know, or have a centre of influence of at least about 100 people in their life, through family members, friends, co-workers, their doctor or dentist, Christmas card list, Facebook friends, Twitter and so on, this would give you 100 lives x 100 people that they know each which is 10,000 people. To put it another way, if you had 10 Distributors with 10 Customers each you would end up with a centre of influence of over 100 people and as they each know 100 people themselves that would give you 10,000 people to talk to!

That is 10,000 people you can talk to because of retail and thinking outside the box, as opposed to just having 10 Distributors that know 100 people each with no retail whatsoever giving you only 1000 in total. That’s how important retail is...!!


Some people say recruiting is everything and retail isn’t as important, but as you can see, they obviously don’t understand the value of retailing. If you had 100 Distributors with 10 Customers each, you would touch 1000 lives. That’s 1000 people with a centre of influence of 100 people each, giving you a centre of influence of 100,000 people to talk to about the products and opportunity without running one advertisement, or giving out one promotional flyer.

Remember, if you retail, your organisation will, so set the example for others to follow!


Make sure you provide a good Customer Care Support Program to nurture and help your Customers to get the results they desire, by calling them on Day 1, Day 3, Day 7, Day 15, and Day 25 and so on throughout the month...


(For a guide on what to say when following up your Customers, please refer to the Customer Follow Up Script in the Distributor back office on the Arkworld website.)

There are many ways to retail and examples of these can be found in the ‘Getting Started’ part of the online Arketing Manuel found in your Distributor Backoffice on the Arkworld website including President & Founder Mark Landon’s Success Training System, Who, What, When, Wear!

Always remember though, the best way to sell a product is to use the product yourself, get a result and then to tell that story to others Part Time or Full Time every day with a consistent daily method of operation. It’s that simple!!

Keeping it simple like this makes it very easy to teach to others and very quickly you will build a strong Customer base and a network of relationships that will last a lifetime. Some of your best customers often end up being your best distributors; you never know where a caring investment of time in a person will lead to; that’s the exciting part!

Remember the Magic Formula and key to building a successful organisation:

R + R = R (Retail + Recruiting = Royalty)

No one has ever built a successful long lasting organisation without retail. It is the number one area of income in the industry and not to be taken lightly, so remember...

Retail is King!!