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Our Mission is Nutrition... Body, Mind & Spirit

Unique Reasons
that separate Arkworld from the rest...

Unique Company History

Arkworld’s history is very different for many reasons and closely linked to an equally unique Philosophy. Too many times in the last decade or two so many companies have launched, usually for the wrong reasons, only to disappear into oblivion a year or two later. The reason behind something always outweighs what you actually do; how many times have you heard the phrase? ‘It’s the thought that counts’

‘Never worry how you’re going to do something, because if you’ve got a strong enough reason why, the hows take care of themselves’ – Jim Rohn


That is what is so unique about Arkworld’s history, or the why behind the Ark, because apart from being increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the Network Marketing Industry in general and the way many companies were conducting their business with little or no integrity, it was a personal tragedy in Mark Landon’s life that became the reason behind Arkworld and the motivation that inspired Mark to develop the best products, the best business opportunity and the best company in the industry.

Along with losing several other family members due to diet related health problems, Mark watched his father struggle with poor health for years that eventually took his life. As a result of this tragedy Mark decided to dedicate his life to helping people obtain good health and nutrition so that they wouldn’t have to suffer in the same way as his Dad and other members of his family had done. With a burning desire and passion to make a difference, Mark went to work on creating the best and most innovative company in the world that would not only care for people but would always put distributors first with honesty and integrity.


It was at a Medical Convention in Las Vegas, USA, where Mark learned of an incredible Nobel Prize winning discovery concerning a Gas Molecule called Nitric Oxide. It was with this discovery that gave Mark an incredible idea of combining ADNO (Aginine Derived Nitric Oxide) with the Exclusive Micro Nutrition that would help him realize his dream and develop the best and most scientifically advanced products in the world. Whilst at a meeting in Missoula, Montana, USA, Mark got the breakthrough he was looking for, when he met up with Dr Jeff Golini PhD, a leading developer and manufacturer of nutritional products for over 25 years at that point. Impressed with his expertise, enthusiasm and commitment, Mark posed the question...

“If you can design me the best products money can buy, I will be the first distributor in the company and take it completely around the entire world”

After much research, testing and development the first Arkworld products were created to produce arguably the most innovative and effective health products ever in the industry. With a unique concept of how to build a company, a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and commitment to the cause, Mark launched Arkworld and opened its doors on May 1st 2005.


Against tremendous adversity, Mark was able to achieve a record breaking $46,000 in wholesale sales volume or $76,000 in retail sales with his distributorship in the very first month. With a simple 4 Step Success Training System called Who, What, When Where, Mark was able to take the company to over $1 Million dollars in sales by the end of the first year and over $5 Million by the third year! Remarkable when you consider that Mark started out all on his own with no financial support and not much encouragement.

With Arkworld International now officially in 3 countries with people from over 11 countries using the products, the Arkworld message is quickly spreading, with more and more lives being changed for the better by the power of the products and the business opportunity. Now in phase 2 of the company with the launch of the New Patented ShipShape Weight Control Product Line, the goal of becoming a billion dollar global company and household name that helps millions of people all over the world is becoming more and more a reality, from a humble dream that President & Founder Mark Landon had over a decade ago.

There’s no doubt that the Arkworld Story and Company history is a remarkable one and completely unique in the industry! The dream continues...

Unique Philosophy or Arkology

The Mission is Nutrition!

Arkworlds Arkology and the philosophy behind it are simply unique to the industry! Started by one man Mark Landon with a burning passion and desire to help people due to a tragedy in his life; he dedicated himself to producing the best products and best business opportunity found anywhere in the world.

Born out of love Arkworld’s mission is nutrition, for the body, the mind and spirit. Arkworlds founding philosophy speaks for itself...

“To take better health and prosperity around the world, whilst changing the face of the industry’”

Jim Rohn, one of the greatest philosophers of our time once said, “You can have the greatest product and marketing in the world, but without the right philosophy you will go nowhere”.


The philosophy of Arkworld to help people improve their health coupled with the advancements we have made in science, with new patented discoveries (along with the nature of the products we market) to produce arguably the most innovative health products in the industry, certainly attracts a different kind of distributor than your normal Multi Level Marketing Company. This has attracted top professionals that use and promote the products like Top Harley Street Doctors, Olympic Athletes, Premiership Football Teams, The Lawns Tennis Association, Gyms, Clinics, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Sports People, Bodybuilders and so on...

This added to the vast amount of endorsements and certified approvals from some of the top governing bodies in the health and sports industry including the FDA, WADA, HFL, Informed Choice, Informed Sport to name a few, which means that Arkworld’s credibility remains the best in the business!



Arkworld’s name came from the fact that the marketing plan was built around the number 2 as in the Noah’s Ark story. President & Founder Mark Landon decided to design a marketing plan that started to pay out Royalty Cheques to distributors who had sponsored just 2 distributors, giving an average person with limited experience the chance to get a good start and to be able to earn money quickly. 2 by 2 they join your Ark as you build your distributorship and learn the leadership skills required to build a successful Arkworld organization.Therefore a new industry is born, as Multi Level Marketing now becomes Multi Level Arketing!

The marketing plan philosophy that led to the Arkworld name and design of the payment compensation plan is without doubt the best in the industry that pays out more than any other marketing in the world. The Arkworld logo is designed around the dove from the Ark story. All Distributors come on board 2 by 2 when they join your Ark. To start earning royalty commissions, all you need to have is 2 Distributors and 2 Customers and all bonuses and awards are paid in similar ways. There are 7 positions in the company, 1 for every colour of the Rainbow which again is connected to the Ark story and the Marketing Plan or should we say, Arketing Plan, is called a 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark where everyone builds their Arks as they build their business.

In simple terms: All you gotta do is get 2!

Arkworld even has its own economy and exchange rate called Arkonomy which converts dollars into other currencies at a stronger and healthier rate than the one that the rest of the world use, putting distributors first in a way like no other company.

Arkworld has become more like a movement, or crusade, rather than a company with a philosophy and vision that are totally unique and a breath of fresh air to the industry. Many companies will come and go but Arkworld remains and continues to lead the way! With honesty, integrity and born out of love, Arkworld continues to touch the lives of many across all the waters of the world.

Yes, the whole Arkology or Philosophy behind Arkworld is completely unique; in fact it is...

‘A Work of Ark’

Unique Revolutionary Products

Arkworld Products – The Cutting Edge!

Arkworld products are not only way ahead of their time and miracles of modern science, but completely unique to the industry and light years ahead of the competition.

Over the years, through our family of distributors, we have been able to help tens of thousands of people improve their health and quality of life through taking Arkworld products. The Arkworld product range has increased from the one and only original Pink Drink when we launched the company back in 2005 all the way up to the extensive product line we now enjoy day including the all new ShipShape weight control product line. No where on earth will you find better products than these!

Throughout it all, from the beginning and inspiration taken from the Nobel Prize winning science concerning Nitric Oxide, that led to the ‘The Pink Drink’ (Still the only pre-digested arginine product on earth that converts to Nitric Oxide to be used by the body within 20 minutes), to present day, one thing always remains; through Arkworld’s Exclusive Micro Nutritional Delivery System the products are simply the most effective health, nutritional and weight control products on the market today.

Our Micro Nutritional Delivery System applies to all of the Arkworld products and remains the real key to their success, as well as using the finest natural ingredients that money can buy, alongside patented scientific discoveries, breakthroughs and inventions that are paving the way in new age innovative formulating.


Micro Nutrition is really made up of 2 essential elements that promote optimum health, delivered to the body at a cellular level. Along with the elements of nutrition that promote health like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and so on, there are also other nutritional botanical factors that make up the Micro Nutrition package. However, this is only half of the story because it’s the delivery system of Arkworld’s products at a cellular level that makes them so unique.

Micro Nutrition works at a cellular level by healing and repairing through the Villi in your lower intestines to aid in the absorption of nutrition into the body. What we are really talking about is Cell Biology and an underlying healing process at a cellular level by feeding the Villi in your lower intestines so that they work more efficiently and feed the cells of the body. In other words it’s all about absorption!!

Unique Products – It doesn’t get any better!

Arkworld’s manufacturer is the current leader in product development and innovation in the world today. Now designing state of the art products exclusively for Arkworld since 2005, the Arkworld manufacturer’s track record speaks for itself with cutting edge developments and exclusive formulations over the last decade that are scientifically years ahead of the competition, such as Ark 1 - The Pink Drink, Ark 2 - Micro, Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) and now the ShipShape Weight Control product line including The ShipShape Shake (Ark 4 – Super Ark Food) and The ShipShape Fat Antagonizer (Ark 5 – Inferno).

Quality Assured to the highest Standards!


All Arkworld products are pharmaceutically graded to the highest standard and developed in arguably the finest and most scientifically advanced laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the world; FDA approved and regulated! The products are low glycemic and completely natural with no artificial flavours, dyes or colours. Micro Nutrition is exclusive only to Arkworld and all of our products carry patented scientific discoveries and inventions that are the envy of the industry.

All these Qaulity Assured standards are carried out with a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practises) stamp of approval under the guidance of the Arkworld Scientific Advisory Board.

Arkworld products are the most remarkable and innovative health products ever devised with the finest ingredients money can buy and a pioneering delivery system that is the envy of the health and nutrition industry.

Without doubt the Arkworld’s products are not only revolutionary, but also totally unique!

Unique Marketing Plan and Business Opportunity

The Problems with Industry standard Marketing Plans

There have been many marketing plans over the course of time, most of which usually favour the company rather than the Distributors. Some marketing plans, usually from the earlier years, operate under what is commonly called a Stairstep Breakaway system. These have been one of the most successful marketing plans used in the Multi-Level Marketing business.

However, these plans usually favour the big hitters of the business world and certainly have the biggest reputation for having a very high drop out rate. The regular person in the market place that would like the opportunity to run their own business usually finds it too difficult recruiting lots and lots of people that eventually drop out and so they end up dropping out themselves within the first 6 months. This is because a new person is usually asked to achieve unrealistic, very high sales volumes straight away with no experience or support just to receive a very small cheque at the end of all their efforts. What happens is a person ends up making very little money; feeling totally unrewarded, so therefore drops out of the company and ends up with a garage full of stock and lots of debts.

Apart from Binaries and Uni-level marketing plans that most people seem to stay away from in the industry, because quite simply, in the opinion of many, they don’t work very well as cheques are usually too small and don’t last. More up to date companies seem to prefer a Matrix system or a cross between a Matrix and a Binary.


These plans usually entice people into the company with the promise that if they get in at the start a lot of Distributors will be placed underneath them and they will make lots of free money. What actually happens is apart from one or two people at the top, most Distributors end up with a very small cheque that does not even cover what they are spending every month on the products. Big hitters stay away from Matrixes and Binaries because there is no real chance of making a decent income and even if they did make some kind of income, it never lasts very long.

Most companies that operate using a Matrix or a Binary usually only last for 1 or 2 years like so many in the last decade or so. You end up with so many people jumping from one company to another or trying to be involved in 2 or 3 at the same time, which, as any successful, well respected giant of the industry will tell you, Never Works!! After all, you can’t be loyal to two things, otherwise you end up with divided loyalty; a recipe for failure!

So let’s take a look at the solution to this and look to the future with a marketing plan unlike any other in the world today...

Arkworld’s Breakaway Ark – The Best in the Business!

So many people in the industry are talking about Arkworld’s exclusive marketing plan and business opportunity, because it not only eradicates all of the problems of other marketing plans that have gone before, but delivers an opportunity for everybody second to none.

Arkworld’s Breakaway Ark Marketing Plan is not only totally unique and exclusive to Arkworld, but way ahead of its time giving a business opportunity of unrivalled potential to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it. In fact, Arkworld’s business opportunity is the cutting edge of a new business revolution that is only just beginning. The 2 x 4 Breakaway Ark really has something for everyone.

An Opportunity for Everyone!


Arkworld’s Breakaway Ark Marketing Plan gives all people from all walks of life anywhere in the world, regardless of background or experience, an opportunity to build a residual income, step by step, that will last a lifetime. You don’t have to load up your garage with stock by spending thousands of dollars or pounds that you may or may not have. There are realistic and achievable baby steps so that you can work your way up the ladder of success while still making money along the way, giving you a business with longevity and a... Business for Life!

The Arkworld marketing plan gives Distributors 20-40% Retail Profit depending on your position in the company and whilst other companies ask you to do thousands of dollars of business to receive the top discount and start earning Royalties, at Arkworld you can get there very easily in your month with just a few product sales. This means more people can achieve the top position quickly, more sales are produced, and more people stick around because they are excited and therefore, a distributor’s income keeps constantly progressing and everybody wins!

It’s a simply philosophy and it works like a charm!

With life changing products that are second to none, affordable for everyone and in an enormous demand, retailing becomes very simple. With retailing being the key and heart to any organisation or company, you end up with lots of people from all over the world building a strong retail business, which ultimately leads to massive success. Besides the products are so good, they really sell themselves!

The marketing plan or should we say Arketing Plan, pays out 3 to 5 times more to Distributors than any other marketing plan in the world, because Arkworld pays its Distributors' all the profits instead of the company keeping it to make their profits or share values look good. Here distributors come first, so everything is given back to them. It is also important to recognise Distributors achievements, so as a person climbs up the Stairway to Success they also receive many awards, bonuses and recognition for a job well done.


Arkworld pays out up to 80% of product revenue back to Distributors.

It’s designed to maximize rewards for effort and provide immediate and ongoing income, so you never need to look back!

Arkworld Pays Up to...

  • 40% Retail Profit
  • 16% Ark Royalty Commission
  • 16% Ark Matching Bonus
  • 6% Ark Infinity Bonus
  • 2% Ark Breakaway Bonus

Unlike many business plans in the world, Arkworld’s Marketing Plan is very simple. As well as your retail profit, once you have sponsored 2 Distributors of your own, you start earning a Royalty Override cheque every month, as well as other bonuses and incentives that follow. 2 by 2 you build your Ark of Distributors! It’s completely unique and revolutionary in its design and effectiveness...


It’s remarkable by its simplicity as is the philosophy of building the business for a distributor. All you need to do in order to be successful is just 2 things; Use the Products and Talk to People. When learning and teaching the business to others, the Mark Landon 4 Step Success Training System of Who, What, When, Where is the best in the world and makes duplicating skills to others fun, simple and magical!


To build your business all you need to do is just recommend the products to people who need them and want them, using success testimonials and then sponsor other people to become Distributors, who in turn do the same. It’s that simple! You can make a part time or full time income or earn the massive seven figure incomes that so many people aspire to earning. The choice is yours. As the marketing plan Breaks Away, in other words goes wide as well as deep, the potential is unlimited. Your reward for retailing the product, recruiting Distributors and then teaching those skills to your Distributors, gives you the highest possible earnings and recognition by a company that actually cares. What a refreshing change that is; no more network marketing junkies that give people false hopes.

Arkworld’s Arketing Plan and Business Opportunity are truly revolutionary and will pave the way for the future in the industry. Anyone regardless of background or experience can come on board the Ark and become more than they are, earn what they’re worth and achieve success with an unlimited potential anywhere in the world. The greatest part about it is, it’s a Business For Life and will stand the test of time and will give people a business and an opportunity that they can pass on to their family.

There is only one word to sum up the marketing plan and business opportunity that belongs to Arkworld... UNIQUE!!

Unique Timing

To get into any ground floor opportunity (set for global expansion) at the start, is always a great time to get involved. Now imagine the possibilities with a unique product, unique marketing plan and unique philosophy such as the ones here at Arkworld.

Being in the right place at the right time with anything special is always the best place to be. Especially with a company like Arkworld that delivers life changing pioneering products into the market place targeted at all areas of health, in an ever growing health conscious society like the one we live in today.


However, the ground floor opportunity that exists in Arkworld is not just concerned with now. So many other companies out there tell you to get in at the start because it’s the only way you can make money, because the companies are built for the wrong reasons and never last. The great thing about Arkworld is that the company has its why in the right place with so many unique ingredients that only ever come together once in a lifetime or at the very least, very rarely.

In fact Arkworld is not just a company; it’s a cause, a family and a way of life that will continue into the future for millions around the world, long after all the companies that promised so much and delivered so little have long gone.

Perfect Timing and Perfect Positioning!

With Arkworld now having a decade of experience and success behind it and tens of thousands of people having their lives changed as a result of the best and most innovative product line and business opportunity in the world today, the goal of being number a global household name is becoming more and more a reality.

All of this success and strong foundation that has been created so far over the last 10 years sets up Arkworld in a great position to help people to not only achieve great success now, but for the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond. As Arkworld softens up the market and introduces new products, new tools and opens new countries around the world, distributors will go even quicker in the future in building their Arkworld businesses. The trick to capitalize on all of this is to take advantage of the timing now, position yourself in the company and make sure all those distributors in the future who quicker sand find it easier are in your business! The time is most definitely now!!

Timing is important, but positioning is everything!


Certainly as Distributors we are the pioneers of the company and therefore have a responsibility to build the foundations of the company for future Distributors and their families, as well as our own as Arkworld grows country by country and reaches all the corners of the world.

Imagine if you had been around when Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. Look how far medicine has come since, well, that’s the exact same position that all of us find ourselves in now.

The unique scientifically advanced Micro Nutritional Arkworld products are at the cutting edge of an industry set to explode over the next 20 to 30 years! In fact Arkworld is at the forefront of a health revolution and industry explosion that has never been seen before, so you can obviously see that the timing is perfect and unlike any other industry in the world today! What an incredible position for all of us to be in!

“You’re in the right place at the right time”

No doubt about it, Arkworld could not have been planned any better, because the timing is perfect, once in a lifetime and very rare in deed. Put this together with the best products and best business opportunity found anywhere in the world and you get a recipe for success unlike any other and available to everyone who has the vision, belief and desire to take advantage of it.

The Sky’s the limit and the timing is completely UNIQUE!!

Unique Industry

Paul Zane Pilzer recently published a book called, “The Next Trillion”, to which he refers to the Wellness Industry and the vision for its future.

“Health is the timeliest business in the world today, FACT!”


The health industry could not only out produce every other industry, but also become a trillion dollar a year industry over the decade. Already you can see how big a part health in general plays in people’s lives, when you consider that more than ever before people are turning to natural products for better health than drugs.

With Heart Disease, Cancer and other major diseases on the increase, as well as other health and diet related problems, more and more people around the world are turning to nutritional supplements and preventative medicines for better health. With heart disease alone killing up to 1 in 4 people in the western world, its no wonder people are becoming concerned and looking at their diets to try and eradicate the problem. This is why Arkworld’s products like The Pink Drink are so important in helping with these grim statistics.


More people than ever before are working out, dieting, jogging, taking some form of nutritional supplements or weight control product and so on. Some people are even taking more extreme measures like plastic surgery, just to change their appearance. In fact, today there are more people over weight in the world than ever before and with Arkworld having launched the best and most effective weight control product line in the world with ShipShape, you can imagine how much we can help and make a difference to these people’s lives.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, more than ever before, all this is set to explode into the biggest health boom ever, making the heath or wellness industry the fastest growing industry in the world today and soon to be the biggest.

With Arkworld set to dominate this industry all over the world, you can imagine the incredible Gold Mine possibilities for everyone who gets involved. It’s an opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky!

The wellness industry - the most Unique Industry in the world today!

Unique Profession

The Sales profession is the highest paid profession in the world today!


Sales control everything and are the backbone to any country. Many people will say that the medical profession is the backbone to the country, but if you were to close the medical profession down for 1 month, you would certainly have a lot of problems but the country would still carry on regardless. Other people say that the legal profession is the backbone to the country, but if you were to take away all the lawyers, again there would be a lot of problems, but life would carry on as we know it.

However, take away the Sales Profession; stop turning over that dollar in sales and you would bring the country to its knees in just 3 days. Whether in the movies, music or the health industry, the people that sell that product and turn over that dollar are the highest paid individuals in the world by far! This is because, if you sell a product you make a profit and profits equal fortune. If you then sell a product to the masses you get rich beyond your wildest dreams. Most people however work at a job, but the problem with that is you only ever end up earning a living. Profits are better than wages – Jim Rohn.

So if you want to be as successful as possible, choose a profession that has the highest possible earning potential and rewards or profits and look no further than the sales profession, because it’s not only the highest paid profession in the world but also the most... UNIQUE!!

Very rarely in life do all of the ingredients and components that attribute to success come together at the same time, but here with Arkworld you have a company that fulfills that position with 7 unique reasons that separate Arkworld from the rest!

It’s the only one of its kind and completely UNIQUE!